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Your wedding day

Why chose to have live music at your wedding?

The songs you choose for your wedding day are the notes and choruses and lyrics that sing into your marriage. They speak life into the room, the day and the life you live together.


Once the bouquet has been tossed and all the confetti thrown, the music of your wedding will then bring you back to this beautiful piece of history. The songs will stay in your soul and come up in the most unexpected places - at the drycleaners or in an elevator grocery or in the car - to remind you what you have together. 


So whether it’s a tried and true classic or contemporary new tune, let’s make your day sound unforgettable.

The how and what steps to take:


How to hire Jontue Elan for your beautiful wedding and special day:

Since weddings have so many moving parts, I make this process four easy steps.


COMMUNICATE: Reach out to me with your wedding details, requests and ideas, and we’ll get the party started! This information can be super vague or really specific, but simply letting me know where you’re at will give me an idea of what I can do for you.


CALL: Once I have your phone number I will personally call you, and we can chat about your song choices and preferences and you can ask any questions.


CONTRACT: A detailed contract will be sent your way outlining all the specifics of what we’re agreeing to, which both parties will review and sign. This will give us one last opportunity to finalize all the details and make sure nothing is missed.


CONSULTATION: Once you’re booked, I give you and your partner a free wedding consultation to play through your requested songs two weeks before your wedding date. Being completely aware of the timing, sound, cadence and overall experience will give you so much peace of mind while also granting you the opportunity to make any chances before your big day. 

CTA: READY TO BOOK? Email me Jontue Elan at

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